Mission Of Junglemania

Our mission is to promote healthy family relationships through education, support and empowerment.
Our vision is to make the world a better place by creating a healthier society, one family at a time.

Junglemania is an organization that focuses on supporting all mothers in any stage of motherhood . We provide services to build a strong bond and attachment to their children. 

Services Provided: 

- Individual Therapy 
- Sponsored Therapy
- Support Groups
(Fathers and Mothers)
- Case management
- Workshops
- Webinars

Postpartum Disorders

- Depression: Feelings of not being a good enough mom, hard to find joy in motherhood, having no motivation to do everyday tasks.
- Anxiety: Having reoccurring thoughts of doom, feel like have no control of thoughts, feeling nervous or hypervigilant, intrusive thoughts
- OCD: Uncontrollable aggressive thoughts towards others or self, Repeatedly checking on things, such as repeatedly checking to see if the door is locked or that the oven is off, Can't control his or her thoughts or behaviors, even when those thoughts or behaviors are recognized as excessive


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